It's My Decision
Cover 8
Kanji 自分で決めた
Rōmaji Jibun de Kimeta
English It's My Decision
Release Date December 5th, 2009
Chapter 8
Volume 2
Arc Fugitive Arc
Related Episode Episode 05
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It's My Decision (自分で決めた, Jibun de Kimeta)is the eighth chapter of Mizuho Kusanagi's Akatsuki no Yona.

Seeing the state of the merchants who were attacked by the Fire Tribe and realising that her presence in Fuuga will only cause the Wind Tribe to suffer, Yona resolves to leave the village and take Hak with her. Hak originally refuses to let her leave, but is eventually swayed by Yona's fierce determination. As Elder Mundok wishes the pair a safe journey, Kan Tae-Jun is notified of the duo's whereabouts, and calls his troops together to go catch them.


Hak has made his decision to leave the Wind Tribe and heads to the village armoury to gather provisions for his departure.

Yona's shock at seeing the attacked merchants

Yona sees the injured merchants

Meanwhile, Yona awakens to Han-Dae's arrival back at the tribe with Tae-Yeon's medicine, the little boy quickly recovering and convincing everyone that he is now fine. Han-Dae and Tae-Woo then leave to check up on the merchants that were attacked by the Fire Tribe, and Yona gets brought along too to help distribute blankets. Seeing the beaten and distraught merchants, Yona is disgusted that their injury may have been allowed by Soo-Won, as the families had nothing to do with their political struggle. Han-Dae, mistaking Yona's disappointment with worry, assures Yona that everyone in the Wind Tribe is family, and that goes for her as well; he tells her that everyone will be cared for and soon be back in good health. Yona begins to tear up at his kind words, and decides on the spot that she no longer wants to have the people of the Wind Tribe being hurt due to their protecting of her. Finding the courage and determination to live once again, Yona decides it is time for her to leave.

She searches for Hak and instead finds Tae-Yeon, whom she thanks for looking after her and shares a bitter-sweet farewell with. As she leaves him, Tae-Yeon cries over the fact that he had promised Hak that he would keep Yona safe within the Wind Tribe village, a vow already broken now that the two are planning to leave.

Yona asks Hak to give himself to her

Yona asks for Hak's services free of charge

Concurrently, Tae-Woo meets Hak at the village gate as he departs, and Hak informs him that he will probably be the new general, much to Tae-Woo's disgust. Tae-Woo wonders aloud if it'll be alright to leave "the princess" behind without saying anything, surprising Hak with the knowledge that they knew Yona's true identity. On cue, Yona arrives and tells Hak that she is leaving and needs him to come with her. Shocked, Hak tries to dissuade her by saying that from this point on he will not be bound by the duty to protect her, as he has given up his title as a general and therefore her bodyguard. Yona steps in front of him to block his path and repeats her need for him to accompany her, though Hak demands some form of payment, monetary or physical, if she wants any further protection from him. When Yona admits to having nothing to give him, Hak tells her to just remain in the village and goes to leave; however, Yona once again rushes him and grabs him by his shirt-front, proclaiming that she wants him and demanding that he give himself to her. Hak, amazed at both her selfishness and strong will, eventually submits and claims her victory, being swayed by her words.

As he agrees to accompany her, Elder Mundok arrives, nearly ready to shoot Hak for his earlier behaviour, though calms down and reassures Yona that if there comes a time when she is in trouble again, she will always be welcome back at the Wind Tribe. Additionally, should there ever be a time that she's in dire straits, the Wind Tribe will take her side and stand by her, no matter what.

Meanwhile, Kang Tae-Jun sits pouting, depressed over the fact that he was found out and yelled at by his father for having assaulted the merchants without order. However, when his men receive tip-offs on Yona and Hak's whereabouts and report them to him, the man's mood is swiftly changed, and orders his men to prepare for the pair's capture.

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