The Spear in My Heart
Cover 7
Kanji 心におさめた槍
Rōmaji Kokoro ni Osameta Yari
English The Spear in My Heart
Release Date November 20th, 2009
Chapter 7
Volume 2
Arc Fugitive Arc
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The Spear in My Heart (心におさめた槍, Kokoro ni Osameta Yari) is the seventh chapter of Mizuho Kusanagi's Akatsuki no Yona.

The Fire Tribe continues to pressure the Wind Tribe by damming their river and attacking the merchants who bring goods to Fuuga. Demanding the tribe not react to their petty attempts to force Mundok to accept Soo-Won as the new emperor, Hak eventually comes to the decision that he will leave the clan in order to protect them from the capital. Requesting Mundok protect Yona and accept Soo-Won as king, Hak revokes his status as the Wind Clan's leader and moves to leave his hometown for good.


Mundok reunites with Yona and Hak

Mundok, happy to see Yona and Hak safe

With the water from the river completely dried up, Hak sends Han-Dae upstream to investigate the trouble, and sits angrily scribbling calculations in the dirt; when asked, he tells the members of the tribe that he is trying to work out how much it will cost to purchase water from the merchants who pass through the village. Mundok arrives back in the tribe shortly after, having returned from the five tribe meeting. He is overjoyed to see both Yona and Hak safe, and apologizes to Yona for not being at the palace to protect her as her father was killed. Han-Dae also returns from upstream, and is cut and bruised; he details that he found a group of Fire Tribe soldiers damming up the river, and was attacked when he tried to confront them. The members of the clan try to convince Hak to let them go upstream and fight the Fire Tribe men back, though Mundok commands they don't, and tells the group that the damming is a warning from the Fire Tribe as punishment for Mundok's earlier refusal to back Soo-Won as the next king. Hearing that Soo-Won is going through with his plan to take the crown, Yona becomes incredibly stressed. Seeing her react, Mundok comforts her and states that everything shall be fine, as he will never approve of Soo-Won's ascension, for to do so would also be accepting the lies that Hak was the one who killed Emperor Il. Hak notes that pushing the blame on to him does seem to be the wisest thing for Soo-Won to do given the confusion all of the generals have about what actually happened, and, hearing him, Mundok vows to right everything and not allow the Fire Tribe to push them around any further.

Tae-Jun questions how to pressure the Wind Clan

Tae-Jun ponders how to pressure the Wind Clan

Upstream with the Fire Clan, Kan Tae-Jun watches his men dam the river and questions why they are taking such little action against the Wind Tribe. After hearing that those were the only orders they received, Tae-Jun comments that the Wind Tribe will just be able to buy water from the travelling merchants, and that damming the river alone will be pointless at pushing them into a desperate situation. Despite his father not giving him permission to act independently, he commands that the soldiers with him attack the merchants before they reach Fuuga, and quietly pouts over the fact that, had Hak not interfered all of those years ago, he might of had Yona as his wife and been emperor himself.

Hak and Yona watch over Tae-Yeon

Hak and Yona watch over Tae-Yeon

Back at the Wind Tribe, Yona is still distressed over the planned coronation of Soo-Won, though is approached and comforted by Tae-Yeon, who offers her food. As they talk though, the little boy suddenly becomes short of breath and collapses. Hak, Mundok and a number of the clan members rush to his aid, and reveal that he suffers from respiratory paralysis, and sometimes has attacks. The group state that he will be fine if he takes his medicine, though are then interrupted by one of the clan members, who arrives to report that the merchants visiting the village were attacked before arrival, and have all been grievously injured. Yona questions what will happen if they cannot get Tae-Yeon's medicine, though the others also worry about the lack of water and the motives of the Fire Tribe. Realising that the Sky Tribe -and therefore likely the other tribes- will be backing the Fire Tribe up, Yona sees that the Wind Tribe will slowly be forced back and continue to pay the price for their conflict of interest with the other clans. Amidst the panic, Han-Dae arrives, and, albeit still badly injured, tells everyone to calm down and offers to ride to the eastern forest to buy Tae-Yeon's medicine. Hak agrees to let him go, and commands the other villagers to not engage with the Fire Tribe in any way, rather trust that he will figure something out to help them all. Shocked that Hak is actually giving orders for once, the clan's spirits are raised, and they happily agree to Hak's instructions.

Hak asks Mundok to keep Yona safe

Hak asks Mundok to protect Yona in his stead

Yona remains with Tae-Yeon for the remainder of the day, and, after being approached by Hak, asks in there is anything she can do to assist the clan; Hak jokingly tries to tell her to raise her womanly appeal, though eventually submits to just instructing her stay relaxed and live life at her own leisure.

That night as Yona and the clan sleep, Hak visits Mundok in his quarters and suggests they have a late night drink. As they sit together, Hak formally requests that Mundok return to the palace and accept Soo-Won as the new emperor, as he plans to return his grandfather's name, abandon his title as a general and leave the following morning in order to protect the Wind Tribe from any further blackmail. Mundok notes that Hak will likely have a bounty put on his head if he leaves, though Hak replies that he doesn't mind so much; he also requests that Mundok hide Yona in the Wind Clan for the rest of her life, and allow her to live peacefully away from Soo-Won and the Sky Clan. Mundok harshly rejects all of Hak's demands and tells him that he has no intention of letting him go; however, he also notes that he will have no choice should Hak make the requests as his commanding chief. Understanding, Hak repeats his orders, the last of his commands as the Wind Tribe's leader; Mundok tearfully agrees to do as he says.

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