The Wind Tribe
Cover 6
Kanji 風の部族
Rōmaji Kaze no Buzoku
English The Wind Tribe
Release Date November 5th, 2009
Chapter 6
Volume 2
Arc Fugitive Arc
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The Wind Tribe (風の部族, Kaze no Buzoku) is the sixth chapter of Mizuho Kusanagi's Akatsuki no Yona.

Yona and Hak arrive at Fuuga whilst Soo-Won calls a meeting of the five clans. There, he persuades them to give their support to him being crowned as the new emperor, with all but Mundok agreeing. As Soo-Won asks the Fire Tribe to prepare in case the Wind Tribe rebels, Yona is put to work doing laundry for Hak's tribe, but arrives at the village's river to find it completely dried up.


Yona faints at Fuuga

Yona faints

Hak and Yona arrive at Fuuga to seek refuge, and are greeted by two of Hak's friends, Tae-Woo and Han-Dae, whom Hak scolds for sleeping when they are meant to be on guard duty. As the two question why Hak is back at the village and joke that he has been fired, other members of the Wind Clan begin to crowd around Hak, greeting both him and Yona warmly; Hak ascertains that they haven't heard of Il's death. Despite the kind welcome, Yona soon faints from exhaustion while being questioned about her identity, and, as he carries her into the village to rest, Hak learns that an emergency meeting between the five tribes was just announced, and that Elder Mundok was required to attend. Due to Hak's status as the leader of the Wind Tribe, it is he who would normally be called to attend such meetings, such a fact causing Hak some distress as his friends once again accuse him of being fired.

Kye-Sook proposes Soo-Won be the new king

Kye-Sook proposes Soo-Won be crowned in Yona's absence

At the meeting, the generals of the Water, Earth, Fire, and Water tribes are informed of Emperor Il's death and the rumours that it was Hak who murdered him. The generals of the other clans begin to pressure Mundok for information on Hak's whereabouts, though the old man denies knowing anything. As Kan Soo-Jin questions whether Hak's actions precede the Wind Clan rebelling, Soo-Won enters the room and breaks up the tension by explaining the circumstances of the emperor's death (in actuality a fabrication to hide his own betrayal) and orders the other chiefs to notify him immediately if either Hak or Yona are found. He also orders them to keep the two safe and quiet if they are located, as he doesn't want any rumours to leak into the kingdom and cause an uproar. Continuing, Soo-Won also highlights that the countries to the north and south of Kouka Kingdom are likely waiting for times of uncertainty in order to launch invasions, and that their top priority should be crowning a new king in order to keep the country stable. With the generals agreeing that a new emperor is needed, Soo-Won's advisor, Kye-Sook, reminds them that, in Princess Yona's absence, Soo-Won is next in line by blood to take the throne.

Mundok disapproves of Soo-Won

Mundok disapproves of the situation

The leaders of the Fire, Water and Earth clans all immediately state that they have trust in Soo-Won, and that crowning him is the right course of action; however, Mundok states that he is tired, and, without giving his approval, attempts to leave the meeting. Kye-Sook tries to keep the man back under the notion that his disapproval will only heighten the rumours of the Wind Clan's rebellion, though Mundok replies that he isn't the clan leader anyway, and that they should find and speak to Hak. Soo-Won sadly points out that without the four clans' support he cannot be properly crowned, and asks Mundok what he should do to gain approval; Mundok replies that he should marry Yona and properly take the throne, and that he will not give his support so long as both she and Hak are missing, as he truly believes the two wouldn't disappear without reason. As the man leaves, Soo-Won coldly tells him that the coronation will be held in three days, and that he will be attending with his blessing for the sake of Fuuga and the Wind Clan citizens. Back turned, Mundok leaves the room, stating that he always saw Soo-Won as a grandson, and is saddened by what is occurring.

After the meeting, Fire General Kang Soo-Jin and Soo-Won gather to speak over how the current situation is going according to how they planned. Kang Soo-Jin is a little uneasy over the actions of the Wind Tribe, and about keeping the pair of escapees alive, but Soo-Won states that he understands Hak very well, and doesn't think he would act irrationally and risk endangering Yona. Attending to more important matters at hand, Soo-Won tells the Fire General to prepare for a rebellion from the Wind Tribe before noticing Mundok's departure from the castle, watching him leave solemnly as he thanks Mundok for seeing him as a grandson.

Hak informs Yona of her new identity

Hak tells Yona about her new identity

Meanwhile, Yona awakens to find a warm meal made by a little boy named Tae-Yeon, who introduces himself as Hak's younger, adoptive brother. Crying because the food reminds her of her father, Yona is comforted by Tae-Yeon, who asks is she is Hak's friend. When Yona denies such a relationship, Tae-Woo and Han-Dae barge into the room, joking that poor Hak's feelings for Yona are unrequited; Hak appears shortly after to beat the two for being silly. Before Yona can properly discern their relationship, Hak grabs her and tells her that she is to call herself Rina and pretend to be a court lady in training. Hak's friends and brother all ask what Hak was like at Hiryuu Castle, and Yona informs them of all of Hak's horrible personality traits. As Hak beats Tae-Woo and Han-Dae for laughing at Yona's remarks, Yona smiles at all of the positive energy everyone gives off.

The next day, Yona is put to work by some women in the village, and is asked to wash some laundry in the tribe's river. Hak helps her carry the load to the river, and the two discuss Tae-Yeon, with Hak revealing that the little boy has been frail since he was born, and is constantly being doted on as a result. When they arrive at the river, Hak tells Yona to begin the washing, though Yona replies that she cannot, as the river is completely dried up.

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