Distant Skies
Cover 4
Kanji 遠い空
Rōmaji Tōi Sora
English Distant Skies
Release Date September 18th, 2009
Chapter 4
Volume 1
Arc Fugitive Arc
Related Episode Episode 03
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Distant Skies (遠い空, Tōi Sora) is the fourth chapter of Mizuho Kusanagi's Akatsuki no Yona.

Yona remembers a time that she fell badly ill with both Hak and Soo-Won, and how they all recovered and vowed to be together forever. As she cries at the notion that their friendship has been forever changed, Soo-Won tells his guards to stop searching for the duo, as there are more important things they have to take care of.


When Yona was a little girl, the passing of her mother caused her father great sorrow. Trying to cheer her up, Soo-Won one day took Yona to play in the snow. Despite his best efforts to joke with her, Yona remained unresponsive, though eventually snapped out of her stupor under the notion that she had to continue smiling for her father. As she spun to try and show Soo-Won her enthusiasm, she accidentally stood on Hak, who had been lying in the snow nearby. Hak grumbled over the fact that she disrupted his activities, and eventually the two got into a massive snowball fight, with Soo-Won happy to see Yona full of so much energy again.

Yona, Hak and Soo-Won all become ill

Yona, Hak and Soo-Won all become ill

However, Soo-Won's happiness was short-lived, as Yona later caught a bad cold and became bedridden. As she lay in bed with Soo-Won and Hak watching over her, Yona asked where her father was, and was told by her handmaiden that he was busy due to the fact that he recently ascended the throne. Hak and Soo-Won told Yona that Il would come hastily as soon as he could, and that they'd watch over her for the time being; however, the two soon became ill themselves and ended up stuck in bed as well. Yona questioned if the two would stay with her whilst they were treated, with Soo-Won remarking that it made little difference, as lately he had taken to sleeping in Yona's bed and holding her hand as they rested. Hak, hearing this, tried to leave, though Soo-Won suggested that they all hold hands as they recover. Shortly after, Son Mundok appeared to scold Hak, having heard that it was Hak's snow fight with the princess that made her ill; luckily for Hak, Mundok was banished from the room before he could divvy out his punishment. Hak stated that he was thankful to be ill at the castle and not at home where he could be punished by his adoptive grandfather, though both Soo-Won and Yona commented that he was lucky to have such a dedicated guardian. Much to Soo-Won's surprise, Yu-Hon also arrived at the palace to check up on the group, and, despite scaring both Hak and Yona with his intimidating presence, cheered up Soo-Won with his wishes for Soo-Won's good health. As both the boys drifted off to sleep that night, Yona quietly became saddened over the fact that her father had not come to see her.

Yona eats her father's soup

Yona eats her father's soup

Downcast, Yona later refused to eat the meals brought for her, with Hak and Soo-Won becoming worried about her health worsening. Outside their room, two of the castle staff discussed why Il has not come to see Yona, the two concluding that he was too scared of getting sick himself to visit his own daughter. Yona looked close to tears, so Soo-Won yelled at the workers outside, and both he and Hak reassured Yona that her father would come. Later that night, Soo-Won called for Yona's favourite chicken soup to be made, though, surprisingly, it tasted horrid when Yona went to eat it. As she questioned why it tasted so bad, Il came into the room and revealed that he made it himself rather than the palace cook, as he felt bad for being so busy and not visiting sooner. Despite the awful taste of the soup, Yona ate it all, overjoyed that her father worked to make it for her. When the three got better soon after, Soo-Won expressed his sadness that they would no longer be able to sleep together. Hak pointed out that they needn't be ill to be together, with Yona asking the two to come around and play with her again forever as they all looked up into the sky.

Yona awakens alone in the forest

Yona wakes up alone

Dreaming, Yona then remembers the previous night and Soo-Won's betrayal and murdering of her father, awakening to find herself alone in the forest. As she begins to panic, Hak appears with water, apologising for leaving as Yona bursts into tears, distraught at the idea that both she and Hak will never see the same sky with Soo-Won that they did as children.

Concurrently, at Hiryuu Castle, Soo-Won is approached by a number of guards, who inform him that they were unable to find the escaped Hak and Yona. As they state that they will increase the number of men sent to look for them, Soo-Won silences them, telling them to cease their searches. The men question why he would allow them to live, with Soo-Won replying that there is nothing they can do outside the castle; he also states that there are much more important things that they have to take care of.

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