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Satilinethejay Satilinethejay 20 October 2019

Kouka Kingdom Politics and Power System

This blog is gonna be about theories on how the kingdom's power system is, I will be updating it soon- for now I'm doing some more research and coming up with possible theories (maybe multiple), as well as thinking how word this/write it out.  

First we need to figure out where Kouka kingdom is located and what time period they are in. The possible locations of Kouka could be: Japan, China, an alternate dimention of Japan, (or as I've seen others theorize) Korea. From here we'll split the possiblities up by the country it could be based on, then we'll divide them even further into time periods

^^^Work on this, reword it/make it make more sense and add more info^^^

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Satilinethejay Satilinethejay 19 October 2019

Is Kija from Kouka Kingdom or Khai Kingdom?

I was just wondering if he was a citizen of the Khai kingdom or Kouka kingdom, because in the anime Ik-soo states "...Ever since the days of the lengend, one clan has lived on a foggy mountain top protecting the bloodline..." while he's saying this a map is shown of Kouka kingdom and the surounding areas/kingdoms. After Ik-soo explains where they are Hak says "They live near the border, huh?" a little bit later Hak comments "If that wasn't bad enough we're passing the Khai Empire." so basically what I've been wondering is do they live near the border on Kouka's side, Khai's side, in the middle of, or in-betwean the two borders. I don't really know what else to put, but basically I'm just curious. 

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Hernandezisabela Hernandezisabela 28 September 2019

The New Princess

"He leaned closer, with his blue hair barely touching my fingers. I came close to him and asked, is there anything you love? or do you think someone who could fall in love for you? As always he didnt answer but I bet we thought the same. He pulled me closer and I got hipnotized by his golden eyes. And then, I tasted sweet"

I hope everyone reads my new fan chapter I hope with all my heart may be added to the chapters to see in the anime videos who for Ive seen, have not been posted for about 3 years noow. I just started to watch it in 2019 and I fell in love with the manga. I invite everyone to read and hope having more fans. 

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Starbrightfairy Starbrightfairy 7 August 2019

Why the previous king was cold soo won

Its established that the previous king had love for soo won but some reason didn't want soo won to go in king hiryuu shrine and didn't want his daughter to marry her.

Soo won says he killed his father which i dont know i believe but on the outside people know him as a pacifist king.

Also it seems both yonas dad and mom knew she would be the reincarnation of king hiryuu. And for whatever reason the previous king before that chose yonas dad over soo wons dad as next successor.

What if king hiryuu from his shrine is letting them know his will and knew they wouldn't be fit to rule.

Soo wons dad could of acted in public as he accepted it and privately tried to take the throne. We know soo wons dad is a brutal guy and soo won is much more benevolent…

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Starbrightfairy Starbrightfairy 7 August 2019

Why Zeno is different from the other dragons and what's the sword and the shield

No theory just spitballing some ideas but we know that a red dragon god descended on earth for the purpose to instill peace on the land. We know him as king hiryuu who decided to take human form with no special ability.

The other dragon gods granted humans power to protect king hiryuu and accomplish his mission. The other 3 dragons gave abilities to topple human forces at the cost they had reduced life spans. Zeno on the other hand for one wasnt a warrior but was a weak person only good quality was he had a pure heart. Also unlike the other dragons didn't find out the usefulness of his ability only after king hiryuu was already dead. One possible reason why could be the yellow dragon had foresight that king hiryuu goal wouldn't take one lif…

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Reiheenim Reiheenim 26 February 2018

Hellooooooo there.

Akatsuki no Yona's entering its final arc (or so i think)!!!! I can't wait for it to finish ;; Gosh i'm so curious of what's gonna happen to everyone. And waiting for months just for one chapter is too much for me already. 

Anyway, this blog page needs a new post so I did it. : ) 

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Omaro2016 Omaro2016 13 November 2017

happy new year 2018



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TheDarkMysticDragon TheDarkMysticDragon 16 September 2017

A 2nd anime season...

If u want a 2nd season of Aatsuki no Yona ---->          Petition for 2nd Season of Akatsuki no Yona             

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Topgov2000 Topgov2000 4 December 2016

The Sword and The Shield (MAJOR SPOILERS)

I think I'm understanding something about Akatsuki no Yona after reading the manga and watching the anime lots and lots of time. I think I know what or who the Sword and Shield might be from the prophecy told by Ik-Soo.Let's analyze the prophecy, shall we?

"Darkness has fallen upon the land.

The blood of the dragons will revive once again, 

and the ancient pact will be kept.

When the four dragons are gathered, 

The sword and the shield which will protect the king shall awaken,

And the Red Dragon shall restore the dawn at last."

Just by looking at this, I'd better tell you... MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD.

You have been warned.

 OK, now let's think of the shield mentioned in the prophecy. It's Zeno. Why? Because when Zeno's skin turns into dragon scales afte…

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Bluestar036 Bluestar036 19 September 2016

Manga Updates

Hi guys! I think this is long over do and I just want to keep people posted about when the next chapter and volume of AnY is coming out. But before I give any dates, I want to give a quick background of the manga. I mentioned this on the Talk Manga page on the wiki but Titania Scanlations no longer scanlates AnY and has been picked up by Five Twenty Five Cans (whom of which hasn't had any releases lately) and Impatient Scans. AnY has been licensed in English by Viz Media. Also to, there are people on tumblr and blogspot who translate the chapters and post summaries of them. In Japan, AnY is serialized in Hana to Yume which is published on a biweekly basis. From time to time there is a break from publishing and in that case the manga is pu…

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Yokai3112 Yokai3112 12 July 2016

Predictions for Akatsuki no Yona

Since there's quite a lot of predictions from you guys, I'd like to discuss about mine (just personal opinion):

After fights, Yona finally gets to Kouka kingdom. Soo-won wants to reconnect the broken relationship but she refuses. She states that she can't be friend with the one who killed her father and tried to kill her. Although Yona does not forgive him, she wants Soo-won to be a good king and rule the kingdom till the end of his day. Yona, Hak and the dragons move to Wind tribe and live there, Yoon comes back to his home with Ik-su. Kija, Shin-ah and Jae-ha become immortal as they have found the red-haired king, but cannot have their bodies renew like Zeno; they can only stay young forever. Yona ends up with Hak and marry him maybe Soo…

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Shinyuri Shinyuri 8 July 2016

10 Predictions for What Will Happen

Here's 5 things that I think might happen (yes I changed it from 10 but don't know how to change the title lol):

1) Su-won will die. Sorry Su-won, but I think that the mangaka has made it pretty evident that his death is definitely a possibility.

2) Yona will end up with Hak. This is really likely, enough said.

3) Lilli and her friends will end up with some of the dragons. It's the kind of thing that would create a happy ending (although the mangaka has proved that the story is unpredictable) and I'm personally betting on Lilli and Zeno.

4) A secret will be revealed that will hugely affect Yona. I can seriously see a huge thing coming.

5) Yona will end up with Su-won. Although this contradicts my first two statements and is quite unlikely, I can …

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Miyabi22 Miyabi22 3 May 2016

Thought about the next generation of Dragon Warriors...

So picture this: One day, Jae-ha suddenly senses that the next green dragon has been born. He thinks "Oh god, I don't want that poor kid to go through what I did." He tells this to the other dragons. Kija, predictably, says "Well then! We can't let our new little brother be treated like you were! We must take him to be raised at the Village of Hakuryuu immediately!" However, they don't want Yona or Yoon to worry, so Jae-ha decides to make a trip to the Village of Ryokuryuu on his own. He sneaks that kid out of the village before they can chain him up, and takes him to be raised by Grandma at the Village of Hakuryuu. "To think that I would have the honor of not only raising multiple generations of Hakuryuu, but the Ryokuryuu as well!" she e…

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Thatsocalledanimechick Thatsocalledanimechick 8 January 2015

Idea's of how the story can play out...

Ok so I have been thinking about how stuff can play out, with the battles right now and everything. There are some pages of the scans of later chapter and it gives an idea of what's going on. With new characters and return of old and new stuff anwsered with more questions. Ok so here's the main part that's in my head, I feel something is going to happen with Yona, Hak and Soo-won (Again, again) in where something 

  • Yona gives up herself to save Hak. I mean like Hak is captuered and I won't kill him if you marry me.
  • Or I will not kill or captuer if you come with me sort of thing. 

I know it's a little lame but I feel like something like this may happen. Also coming to a point where Yona will finally get reavenge for her father, or where Su will…

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Remonte Remonte 8 January 2015

The estimated length of the anime?

Ok, so this is my first blog post, please be kind to me ^^

I know that Akayona will be a 2 cour running series, but how long exactly? Since it's already near episode 14 and Jae-Ha haven't appeared. In fact, we're still at the Seiryuu arc and I've heard that the 2nd cour is starting at episode 15, which means the 1st cour is 14 episodes long. Usually, one cour is around 11-13 episodes long and the 2nd cour is most likely as long, however the 1st cour only ends on episode 14. Does this means it's possible that it might be 28 episode long? I've hardly seen any animes longer than 26 episodes(actually I don't think I've ever watch any 2-cour longer than 26, might be just me?) and if Akayona is gonna be longer than that I'll squeal in joy! XD Eve…

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TheCarrotSaysYumYum TheCarrotSaysYumYum 5 December 2014

Yona x ???

Hey everyone~!

First, a general welcome to the AkaYona Wiki! I'm TheCarrotSaysYumYum, one of the admins here :)

Now, I recently disabled comments on articles due to the fact that myself and Annie (another admin here) decided that the comments were distracting from the articles and also causing them to load slower for certain viewers. This means that you will no longer be able to post comment at the bottom of pages; however, we hope that this will encourage people to make more blogs. Seriously, if you have any AnY topic that you would like to discuss, make a blog and get everyone talking. Now that this wiki is a little more active, I'd love to see more people using this place as a central hub for AnY discussion. Reviews, predictions, general …

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Yolswels091 Yolswels091 7 October 2014


Hi guys,

Akatsuki no Yona is my first  wiki here. I've created this page when the manga just started being scanlated around the web. I didn't expect this to be big. I just wanted to try and learn how to make a wiki as I always read One Piece, Naruto, Bleach and other wikis featuring my fave mangas/animes. 

I still have a lot to learn and I don't come here as often as an admin should be. Now that the manga has been animated, I know that more content is needed. I really apologize for not being so active on this site. 

If you want to be an admin, please let me know and I'll add you. 


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TheNoraShinki TheNoraShinki 21 September 2014

Adopting wiki

Hey people,

I noticed that the admin of this site is inactive, and that there are some color scheme issues around the wiki, as such, I am interested in adopting this wiki.

Does anyone want else want to adopt this wiki/is able to adopt the wiki?

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