Ayame headshot
Kanji アヤメ
Rōmaji Ayame
Gender Female
Age 16
Hair Color Light reddish brown

Dark brown (anime)

Eye Color Light brown

Dark green (anime)

Professional Status
Occupation Doctor
Personal Status
Status Alive
Manga Debut Chapter 7
Anime Debut Episode 04
Japanese Voice Nozomi Yamamoto (Drama CD)
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Ayame (アヤメ, Ayame) is a 16-year-old trained doctor and warrior from Fuuga, frequently seen with Tae-Woo and Han-Dae, and was one of the younger children Hak grew up caring for.

Appearance Edit

Screenshot 2017-12-29 17.05.07

Hak pulling Ayame aside.

Ayame is a young, pretty girl with dark brown hair and dark green eyes. Her hair is straight and long to the middle of her back, her bangs short and parted to the side. She wears a low-cut, rimmed kimono with a sash across her upper waist, and keeps her chest bound. True to usual Wind Tribe fashion, she wears a band around her head and beads around her neck.

Personality Edit

She is a kind but feisty girl, sharing the same dry sense of humor that seems to run rampant within the Wind Tribe. She is fiercely passionate about her job, willing to help anyone who's injured, no matter who they are. Much like most of the younger residents of Fuuga, she exhibits strong loyalty toward Hak.

Synopsis Edit

She first appeared in chapter 7 of the manga as a nameless background character, which Hak pulls aside to tell Yona to strive for her beauty. Over several subsequent volumes, she remained in the background of most Wind Tribe shots and often featured in several of Hak's childhood flashbacks. She only features very, very briefly in episode 4 of the anime, for a couple of scenes and without any significant voiced lines.

Ayame young

Young Ayame, seen in group-shots of side chapters.

It wasn't until the Xing Arc that she received both a name and some story relevance, where she takes care of the Xing soldiers who were stabbed by Mizari. Thus, she contributed to the loss of fighting morale in Kouren's forces through her act of kindness. Afterward, she cared for Yotaka when Tae-Woo saved him from Gobi's men and helped prove to him that people from Kouka can be kind.

Screenshot 2017-12-29 17.34.41

Ayame and Saki

Shortly after the Xing conflict is resolved, she finds out that Hak had also been shot and injured by Gobi's men. She drags him away to redress his wounds and give him medicine for his fever, despite his protests. After this, they are joined by other Wind Tribe members and it's revealed that she was chosen during their childhood by Son Mundok to eventually become Hak's wife. This however, is something neither she nor Hak took seriously, as she is also revealed to be lovers with Saki--another Wind Tribe resident. As such, her engagement with Hak is now seen as a running joke within the tribe, and it's even stated by Hak that Mundok harbors no ill-will toward the fact that his marriage arrangement fell through.

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