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Assembled Arc is the fifth arc of Kusanagi Mizuho's Akatsuki no Yona. It consists of chapters 41 - 43 and Episode 24.


The scale of Hakuryuu, which supposedly fulfills love, is given to Yoon as a gift. The scale is passed around the the group members and causes accidental affections of love. As another day passes, Jae-Ha easily brings a fawn back to the group for a feast. As Yona watches Yoon prepare their dinner, a hungry strange wanderer joins their feast. Meanwhile, Kija, Shin-Ah, and Jae-Ha suspiciously accuse the strange wanderer as the missing Ouryuu. The wanderer responds to their accusation and introduces himself as Zeno, and easily joins their group as appreciation for the wonderful food Yoon had prepared. While testing Zeno's unapparent abilities as the Ouryuu, Kija nicknames Hak as the Dark Dragon, to which Hak happily accepts. Though Zeno shows no abilities of a sturdy body, as the founding legend states, his unordinary surrounding atmosphere and warm, sunshine-like aura makes Yona believe that Zeno is indeed the Ouryuu. During that night, Yoon decides to return back to Ik-Soo to discuss the prophecy. The group returns back to Ik-Soo's home and finds him almost starving himself to death. After recuperating Ik-Soo, Zeno asks Yona what exactly she wants to do after gathering the Dragon Warriors. During the night, Yona finally decides to travel around and help the people in poverty to improve the Kingdom of Kouka.

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