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Aro (アロ Aro?) is a young woman living in the Senri Village of Kai Empire. She is helped by Hak when she collapses on her way home.


Aro is a woman with dark-colored eyes. She has a long dark hair that she ties into numerous thin braids and fringes that is parted in half. She puts on a long kerchief that is trimmed with fringes to cover her head. She dons a simple, light-coloured dress with wide sleeves and thick, line-patterned hemlines that is held by a sash. On her feet, she wears a pair of light-colored flat shoes.


She is a pleasant and very friendly girl who is easily attracted to men. She’s feisty when it comes in getting the person she likes,[1] but despite that, she knows when to give up.


Aro meets Hak

As she returns to Senri, Aro faints on the road from fatigue after working. To her surprise, she sees an attractive dark-haired man checking her condition while holding her in his arms and by that moment, she quickly recovers. The man’s comrades – who all look attractive as well – approach her and wonder also if she is okay. She asks them if they are entertainers because they look weird,[2] to which they confirm as true. Seeing this as a great chance, she invites them to her village to perform for their upcoming Fire Festival.

In Senri, women flock around the entertainers and she takes Hak to herself and shows him around. That night, she and her friends help Yona to get dressed before her performance. During the preparations, she asks the redhead if she is dating someone from her companions and finds out that she is not and all of her friends are available. Thrilled with what they heard, they discuss who they like and amongst these, Aro declares that she like Hak and is ready to bear his child.[1] Unknowingly, she scares the young girl from what she said and by that, she tries to comfort her by saying that her aggressiveness is mutual as she too has someone she likes. Yona becomes sad and silent to her, which makes her drop the topic immediately and apologizes as they got excited. She then notices a box belonging to Yona which has a beautiful hairpin inside and asks her if she will wear it. The redhead coldly refuses to have it on and instead asks for a sword. She gives her a rusted sword that was used in the previous war.

Aro gives up on pursuing Hak

When Yona goes to the stage and starts dancing, she moves beside Hak to gain advantage of her plan to woo him. She tries to invite him to her home after the festival, but she stops after seeing Hak’s expression while watching Yona. Shortly after, one of her friends asks what happen to her plan and she replies that she has given up after seeing the man’s harrowed eyes.[3]


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