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Who's this little creature with swollen cheeks? She's stuffed too much in there!

Yoon, to Yona

Ao (アオ Ao?) is Shin-Ah's squirrel companion and friend, who is named after the previous Seiryuu by Shin-Ah.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Ao eats Shin-Ah's food.

Ao is a goofy and mischievous yet adorable squirrel, often playing around and making poses that match the person she is riding on. She likes to eat a lot which makes her bite on random things, like Yona's earrings or Shin-Ah's finger. She tries to make people (specifically Shin-Ah or Yona) cheer up if they are feeling down or sad by rubbing their face or acting cute.

Background[edit | edit source]

Shin-Ah covers Ao with a leaf during a rain.

Ao met Shin-Ah before the events of the story. Shin-Ah was trying to cover a very soaked Ao from the rain with a large leaf. Ao just stared at him and then suddenly started to eat the leaf.[2] Ever since then, she seems to have stayed with Shin-Ah, keeping him company even underground in the darkness, riding on his shoulder, proving that she is committed to being Shin-Ah's companion.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ao ranked 7th in the character popularity poll conducted by Hana to Yume in December, 2014. She scored 550 votes in total.[3]
  • Ao has a habit of stuffing an acorn in the mouth of those who are sick or injured.
  • Ao is usually sent by Shin-Ah to comfort Yona, or to be a stand-in for his presence if he can't be with her.
  • Since the pervious Seiryuu (Ao) shared the same name as her, Yona mistook the person who taught Shin-ah swordsmanship to be Ao (squirrel) and had a shock.

References[edit | edit source]

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