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An Joon-Gi
Kanji アン・ジュンギ
Rōmaji An Jungi
Gender Male
Age 42 [1]
Height 176 cm (5'9)[2]
Hair Color Dark Blond
Eye Color Unknown
Professional Status
Occupation General of the Water Tribe
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives An Lili (Daughter)

Nene (Concubine) [3]

Manga Debut Chapter 06
Anime Debut Episode 04
Japanese Voice Akira Ishida

An Joon-Gi (アン・ジュンギ An Jungi) is the established general and leader of the Water Tribe. Not much is known about him, but his mannerisms are those of observation and patience.

Appearance Edit


An Joon-Gi as seen in the anime.

An Joon-Gi wears traditional light blue clothing (symbolizing he is from the water tribe as water is depicted as a blue color). He also wears a patterned blue hat, which covers part of his dark blond hair.

He is seen closing his eyes nearly most of the time and rarely opens them. Nobody knows the reason behind this but many readers believes that this is another way of showing his calm nature.

Personality Edit

For a general, An Joon-Gi is a very reserved and relaxed one. He never believes that violence is the answer to a situation and believes that one should watch and observe the matter before deciding what to do. He seldom shows any emotion except calmness, and chastises the members of his Water Tribe quietly about being too impatient or reckless.

His preferred choice of weapon is archery.


Relationships Edit

An Lili

An Joon-Gi is Lili's father and the pair of them usually gets on well with each other. However, like most families there are always disagreements between the two.

When Lili wants to go Shisen to research the matter of drug smuggling and the Kai Empire threatening the Water Tribe, An Goo-Gi immediately forbids her and locks her in her room. He does this out of love and protection for his daughter as he knows the Water Tribe was going through a harsh time

After An Joon-Gi learns of Lili's escape and how she has stole the Water Tribe's most prized seal, he quickly panics and his eyes are seen open for the first time in the manga. Later on, after Lili returns- he learns that his daughter has did the action that he was supposed to take and because of this, An Joon-Gi sees the importance of the tribe in a newer, and stronger light.


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