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This article contains details from the manga that are not covered in the anime. Proceed with caution.

Algira (アルギラ Arugira?) is a character that appears in the Xing Arc of Akatsuki no Yona. Algira is the servant of the Princess Tao and friend of Vold. He is first seen in Chapter 127 of the manga where he beat up a man for abusing a cat. He is a supporter of Tao's faction which opposes Princess Kouren's faction.


Algira is young man with hazel, sharp eyes and long, blond hair which he keeps in a braid.

Algira is seen wearing a sleeveless coat which is held together by a sash.


Algira is very bubbly with a penchant for cute animals, especially cats. In Chapter 127, he approached Yona and her friends due to being fascinated by Ao, who he described as a "Tiny Tiny Kitty".

Also due to his fondness of cats, Algira tends to call people he considers his friends by their first names, followed by the suffix "nyan" (meow, in Japanese). Algira himself explains this to a very confused Kan Tae-Jun in Chapter 138, after he called the latter "Tae-Jun-nyan", despite the fact that they had just met. Because of his more carefree personality, Vold has called him "Idiot-gira" multiple times, and in return Algira calls him "Voldopus".

He is shown to be quite close to Vold and Princess Tao. In another case, Hak asked him why he follow the Princess Tao and not the Princess Kouren he has said that he wants peace not conflict with Kouka Kingdom. He respects Tao and said that Kouren would sacrifice everything including to win a war against Kouka- including little girls which he disliked the idea of. As such, he believes in Tao's decision and follows her, despite the fact that he enjoys battling, as seen during his training session with Hak when he was enjoying it even though he was punched by Hak.


Algira is revealed to be one of the Five Stars, which is made up of the strongest fighters in Xing. Vold even claims that Algira is the most powerful fighter in the group and only he is able to stop him.


Expert Fighter: There has been demonstration of Algira's physical fighter abilities in several chapters of the manga. He has been shown to have strength in kicking as seen in Chapter 127 of the manga where he kicked the man who was abusing a cat and also when he sparred with Hak. So far, he does not appear to use any weapons and is more of a physical fighter. In one occasion of the manga, he also injured Mizari, another member of the Five Stars of Xing with ease despite not being armed. Vold has also stated that Algira's fighting abilities can only be matched by him. However, it is unknown whether the other three members of the Five Stars acknowledge this claim, and whether Yotaka and Neguro agree that Algira is the strongest of the five.

Hak has admitted that Algira's kicks are quite strong although they are not up to the Ryokuryuu's level, and is surprised that strong fighters like Algira also exists in the Xing Kingdom.

Danger sense: In Chapter 175, Algira stated that his hair stands on end when he is in a potentially dangerous envirorment, even if he cannot see the source of the danger himself. As noted by Vold, this is similar to how a cat would react, in a similar situation.



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