Akatsuki No Yona Wiki
Template Project


This project aims to organize and catalogue templates on this wiki for navigation purposes. Participation in any of the following tasks must abide by the Akatsuki No Yona Wiki: Code of Conduct.


How to contribute

Creating Template Documentation


In order to ensure all users and editors understand the complete use of templates, {{documentation}} templates are inserted into almost every template.

To add a documentation template, use the following:
*Be sure to place the {{documentation}} template INSIDE of the <noinclude> </noinclude> brackets.

NOTE: There are several templates that are limited to only administrators. Therefore, if you wish to edit a locked template, contact one of our staff members and they will gladly help out.

Categorizing Templates


To ensure organization and cohesiveness, templates MUST be categorized correctly and appropriately.

To add categorize a template, use the following:
<noinclude>[[Category:Templates]][[Category:<insert category name>]]</noinclude>
*Be sure to place the [[Category:Templates]] INSIDE of the <noinclude> </noinclude> brackets.

Deleting Unused Templates

STATUS: INCOMPLETE *only administrators can perform this task.

Several templates are outdated, misused, or repeated. Therefore, this task aims to sort out and organize unused templates on this wiki.

Unnecessary/Unused Templates
Since only administrators can delete pages/templates, if you wish to nominate a template to be deleted, simply use the {{delete}} template to indicate which template you would like deleted.
Repeated templates
If you see a template that is almost if not completely identical to another template, contact an administrator so they are aware of the situation and will act accordingly.

Renaming Templates

STATUS: COMPLETED *only administrators can perform this task.

Templates, along with pages, should be named with a clear purpose and descriptive title.

  • ALL templates used on the main page are titled Template:MP