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Image Project


This project aims to improve articles by uploading and categorizing images properly onto pages where necessary. Participation in any of the following tasks must abide by the Akatsuki No Yona Wiki: Image Policy.


How to contribute

Licensing Images


In accordance to FANDOM policy, any images uploaded to the Akatsuki No Yona Wiki must be licensed and text-free. Please use the following licenses as necessary and accordingly:

See more: Category:Image wiki templates

Please contact a staff member if you need support for this step. Irrelevant or unused images are subject to removal.

Chapter Page Cover Images


Every chapter of Akatsuki no Yona contains a cover picture that must be uploaded and correctly placed into the {{Chapter Template}} Infobox on its respective wiki page.

  1. File must be text-free and preferably without speech bubbles.
  2. File name must be [ [File:Chapter #.jpg] ]

See Category:Chapter image needed to find out which chapter pages need image covers.

Image Gallery Clean-up


Character pages with an Image Gallery must be cleaned-up and changed from the current design into the modern design.

{{Heading||Covers and Openings}}


|-|Covers and Openings=

Categorizing Images


All uploaded images from the Akatsuki no Yona Manga series must be sorted into their respective chapter/episode categories.

Ex: Image File retrieved from Chapter 01 must be categorized into [ [Category:Chapter 01 Images] ]
Ex: Image File retrieved from Chapter 50 must be categorized into [ [Category:Chapter 50 Images] ]
Ex: Image File retrieved from Episode 01 must be categorized into [ [Category:Episode 01 Screenshots] ]
Ex: Image File retrieved from Episode 20 must be categorized into [ [Category:Episode 20 Screenshots] ]
  • This can be done automatically when licensing the image in the Portion = section of the {{Fair use rationale}}

Renaming Images

STATUS: INCOMPLETE *only administrators can perform this task.

Uploaded images must have descriptive filenames and must start with the character/location name. Names inside of the uploaded image must match the exact corresponding wiki article name. Files should be named to outline key elements that occur in the image.

Acceptable Images Unacceptable Images
  • Yona 01.jpg
    • Yona 02.jpg
    • Yona 03.jpg
  • Soo-Won recalls Yu-Hon's death.png
  • Chapter 50.jpg
  • 01.jpg
    • 02.jpg
    • 03.jpg
  • Death 01.png
  • 50.jpg OR Cover number 50.jpg

For those who do not have administration rights and would like a file to be renamed, please use the {{Rename}} template. This will notify our staff to rename a specific file.