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Image Policy

Thanks for visiting this page! Here is a set of guidelines for users who wish to contribute by uploading images. We ask that all users respect the rules and policies of the Akatsuki No Yona Wiki. Keep in mind that activity on this wiki is monitored and failure to abide by the following protocols will result in the image(s) being deleted. Recurring offenses will incur a warning or block.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact a staff member for assistance. We are always happy to help!

Available Image Templates

  • {{Rename}} - Please add this template to the file summary, if the image is incorrectly/improperly titled.
  • {{Delete}} - Please add this template to the file summary, if the image is uploaded accidentally or for another reason.

Uploading Images

Acceptable Images Unacceptable Images
  • Image Names:
    • Character/Location name FIRST
      • Soo-Won and Li Hazara Meeting.png
      • Seiryuu Village Entrance Lobby.png
      • Ik-Soo's Home Shelter.png
      • Tae-Yeon Crying.png
    • File names must match the wiki article (at least first name)
      • Tae-Woo
      • Lee Geun-Tae
      • Yoon
      • Jae-Ha
  • Manga images:
    • Text-free
      • While speech bubbles are allowed, text inside a speech bubble must be erased.
    • SFX is also allowed (preferably japanese)
  • Anime images:
    • Text-free
      • With the exception of the title scene.
    • No watermark
      • With the exception of the official watermark.
  • Images unrelated to Akatsuki no Yona
  • Fanart
  • Collages
  • Inappropriate images
  • Duplicate images
    • Duplicate images are only allowed as a replacement with higher resolution.
  • Image extensions:
    • .gif
    • .jpeg
  • Image Names:
    • Character/Location name in the middle or last
      • Meeting between Soo-Won and Li Hazara.png
      • Entrance Lobby of the Seiryuu Village.png
      • Home of Ik-Soo.png
      • Crying Tae-Yeon.png
    • File names different from the wiki article name
      • Taewoo
      • Geun-Tae
      • Yun
      • Jaeha
  • Manga images:
    • Containing watermarks
      • With the exception of the official watermark.
    • Fan translations
    • Text inside of speech bubbles
  • Anime images:
    • Containing subtitles
      • Please crop out any subtitles or use raw episodes
    • Containing a watermark
      • With the exception of the official watermark.

Licensing of Images

In accordance to FANDOM policy, any images uploaded to the Akatsuki No Yona Wiki must be licensed and text-free. Please use the following licenses as necessary and accordingly:

See more: Category:Image wiki templates

All image file summaries should follow the same syntax:

{{Fair use rationale
 | Description       = 
 | Source            = 
 | Portion           = 
 | Purpose           = 
 | Resolution        = 
 | Replaceability    = 
 | Other Information = 


Please contact a staff member if you need support for this step. Irrelevant or unused images are subject to removal.

Categorizing Images

After uploading a file, please add the appropriate categories via the button at the bottom of the page, at the tab on the right hand side of the Classic Editor window, or manually typing them out in Source Editor. These categories should include:

  • Which characters show up in the image
  • Which chapter/episode the image is taken from

Please add the uploaded images to the respective image gallery of each character shown in the images.