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This article contains details from the manga that are not covered in the anime. Proceed with caution.

Abi (アビ Abi?) is the first person to bear the Seiryuu's power. He is one of the four Dragon Warriors who was entrusted to protect King Hiryuu and to never betray him.


Abi had a very feminine look. His hair was blue, medium length and collected in one hand and with bangs on both sides. He wore a kind of kimono tied at the waist and a pearl necklace. As the first Seiryuu, he had beautiful golden eyes, as well the red signature marks below them.

After being captured by those who wanted to get his power, Abi began to cover his eyes with a bandage.


Abi seemed to be someone quite foul-mouthed, in addition to having a bad temper. But it was also shown that he is very quiet and sensitive, and would do anything for his friends. This sensitivity also made him well liked by small animals, such as birds which was often seen with him.


A series of conflicts were still happening after the death of the King, such as the capture of Abi by people who wanted the powers of the dragons, but fortunately Shu-Ten and Gu-En managed to rescue Abi. Abi and the other dragon warriors (except Zeno) left the Hiryuu Castle to continue their lives in another direction.


  • Dragon Eyes: He possesses the eyes of the Seiryuu, the warrior blessed with eyes that can see over great distances compared to others. Not only this, his eyes can be used as an offensive; for example, when he uses the eyes' ability, he has the power to paralyze people when he looks directly into their eyes. His foes are then subject to fatal hallucinations, sometimes even paralyzing people's hearts. When he finishes using the dragon's ability, he himself becomes paralyzed as a result of the overwhelming power. This is why this power is known as a 'double-edged sword' to the passing generations of Seiryuu's.


  • (To King Hiryuu) "King, go wash your eyes"[citation needed]
  • (To Shu-Ten) "It's ear-wrenching...your voice."[citation needed]
  • (To Shu-Ten) "Don't add "-chan" on the end!"[citation needed]


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